Turn Tab Top Curtains Into Pleated Curtains In 2 Minutes // Home Hack

Easy 2 Minute Hack To Turn Tab Top Curtains Into Pleated Back Curtains!  So Easy!! // By Life on Sunset Drive

My favourite place to buy curtains, hands down, is Ikea.  Honestly, they have an excellent selection plus the prices can’t be beat- I paid $11 for each pair of these curtains!  E l e v e n.  Plus they are extra long at 90″, which almost the perfect height for our windows in our home.

These particular curtains, were tabbed.  I prefer the look of pleated curtains, I feel they look more polished.  Lucky me, it’s a quick fix that takes 2 minutes :) Continue reading

Protect The Crib With This Easy DIY Crib Rail Cover

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I’m not the only mom to have a kid with chompers who gnaws off the sides of his crib, right?  When I walked in one morning and caught sight of his crib, there were actual baby sized chunks bitten out of the sides, what the hell?

After I saw that, I decided to dig through my fabric stash and sort this out asap.  It turned out to be a super easy fix, was essentially free for me since I had the fabric on hand and it took no more than 10 minutes.  Yes, yes and yes. Continue reading

Night Stand Makeover

Nightstand Makeover (Before & After) // By Life on Sunset Drive

These two night stands have been with us for-ever.  They were in our old condo that we rented out over the years, so they have put up with rental abuse, water damage and a move.  The tops are completely scratched up and they look dated.

Since they are really well made and solid wood, I put my foot down when my husband suggested we sell them and buy new ones.  I knew a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware would spiff these night stands right up. Continue reading

6 Of My Favourite Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling

Six Way To Stay Healthy While Travelling // By Life on Sunset Drive

My mom and I have this running joke that we only get sick when there is a big trip planned.  It happened the day before we left for our Italy trip (a man in a restaurant accidentally sneezed on my mom during breakfast!).  It happened the day after my husband and I landed in London (I came down with the flu!) and many more times.  And my mom missed one out of two weeks in Mexico because she had heat stroke.  To be honest, it’s usually my poor mom that gets the bug and we’ve really narrowed down our plan of action when travelling.  Some of these are her tried & true tips, and some are ones that I use every. single. time.  And guess what?  We rarely, if ever, get sick anymore! Continue reading