Turn Tab Top Curtains Into Pleated Curtains In 2 Minutes // Home Hack

Easy 2 Minute Hack To Turn Tab Top Curtains Into Pleated Back Curtains!  So Easy!! // By Life on Sunset Drive

My favourite place to buy curtains, hands down, is Ikea.  Honestly, they have an excellent selection plus the prices can’t be beat- I paid $11 for each pair of these curtains!  E l e v e n.  Plus they are extra long at 90″, which almost the perfect height for our windows in our home.

These particular curtains, were tabbed.  I prefer the look of pleated curtains, I feel they look more polished.  Lucky me, it’s a quick fix that takes 2 minutes :) Continue reading

Protect The Crib With This Easy DIY Crib Rail Cover

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I’m not the only mom to have a kid with chompers who gnaws off the sides of his crib, right?  When I walked in one morning and caught sight of his crib, there were actual baby sized chunks bitten out of the sides, what the hell?

After I saw that, I decided to dig through my fabric stash and sort this out asap.  It turned out to be a super easy fix, was essentially free for me since I had the fabric on hand and it took no more than 10 minutes.  Yes, yes and yes. Continue reading

Night Stand Makeover

Nightstand Makeover (Before & After) // By Life on Sunset Drive

These two night stands have been with us for-ever.  They were in our old condo that we rented out over the years, so they have put up with rental abuse, water damage and a move.  The tops are completely scratched up and they look dated.

Since they are really well made and solid wood, I put my foot down when my husband suggested we sell them and buy new ones.  I knew a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware would spiff these night stands right up. Continue reading